Helping your team creating a perfect production

At ONSITE we design your event taking in consideration all the details of your production. With a specialized Design Department, working in Autocad and Wysiwyg we produce your floor plans and 3D Designs in order to avoid any surprises and provide accurate information for your event.

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Time is money

These designs will provide accurate information to planners & Production Partners and help to erase any barriers like Ceiling Heights, Exit Doors, Setup obstructions.

Time is money and just with the correct draws your production schedule will follow as planned.

Create virtually, reach your goals in reality

At ONSITE we have the perfect tool for brainstorming and planning your event.

With the collaboration of our CAD & Design department we create virtually your event in order to test different audio visual solutions, different materials even helping you to choose your venue.

At ONSITE we are able to program all your event in a virtual environment. When your event comes to reality you know exactly how it will look. No last minute surprises.

Because we are ONSITE we deliver solutions always working with our clients on site and helping to deliver the most successful events.

Create 2D and 3D designs in almost any form imaginable.
Stunning scenes and detailed characters. If you can dream it, you can build it.
ONSITE event services provide Wysiwyg Training Courses and Workshops. Thru José Travassos (authorized wysiwyg trainer) ONSITE provides regular wysiwyg training sessions and Taylor made wysiwyg training for companies or individuals.

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